A Homeowners Guide To Moving House

Moving house without a checklist is like going to the store without a grocery list. It can be done but you will end up totally disorganized and without half of the things that you need. A moving house checklist will provide you with the framework to keep you on task during the planning process and it will make the process so much easier.

A Homeowners Guide To Moving House

Below is a list of items to consider if putting together your own moving house checklist or as a reference point of tasks to mark off during your house move.

Major Tasks to Complete

  • Find and hire a removalist to assist you in moving.
  • Prepare to disconnect the electricity, phone, and other utilities.
  • Prepare to change your address with a notification service.
  • Before moving in your application has been approved

Ref. link for application: https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/renting/moving-in/

Planning for the Move

  • Create a list of any items that you need to take with you.
  • Perform a backup on your computer’s hard drive to ensure that no files are lost during the move.
  • Have your medical records on hand to show to your new doctor and dentist. Get these records on any pets that you have as well so that you can give them to your new vet.
  • Pack items early that you rarely use (as many as 3 weeks before moving day).
  • De-clutter and donate or sell unwanted items.
  • Prepare any fixtures or fitting for the move to your house.
  • Plan for the financial aspect of your move. You will need cash on hand for moving day and sufficient funds to use for a removalist service.
  • Has your car serviced especially if there’s a long journey to your new address?
  • Arrange storage, if necessary, for items that you will not be taking to your new house right away.
  • Make a list of each box and what it will contain. Update it periodically if you add new items that are not listed on your list.
  • Plan for any care that your children and pets will need during the move, e.g., food, medication, and adequate entertainment.
  • Plan to have the electricity, phone, and gas reconnected in your new house.
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Some people may only move once or twice in their life whereas others may move house every few years but either way, there is usually a time and cost factor when you move house but fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself in good time ahead of your move to reduce many of the unknown factors as well as reduce the subsequent stress factor.


Use the following moving house tips for your next move;

1) Get out the pen and paper and make a list of the things to do

Compile a checklist of the removalist companies you need to notify of your house move and make sure you notify them in good time, especially if you need post redirected. A list of things to do will help you maintain perspective on the situation and keep you proactively working towards checking off each item on the list.

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2) Use your packing as the perfect opportunity to have a spring clean of your things.

As you begin to sort out every item in your house you could benefit from the chance to throw away junk items that may have mounted up over the years and give clothes that may no longer fit you to charity or your friends and even sell unwanted items on eBay.

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Welcome To Pro Removalists Brisbane

Welcome To Pro Removalists Brisbane

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Pro Removalists Brisbane provides office, home and heavy furniture moving services in Brisbane and also sprawl all over Queensland. Our offices are nestled in Brisbane.

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We have served the residents of Brisbane for over 10 years since we unveiled our services. This means we know the area’s road and rail network to effortlessly move you along rugged terrains.

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Pro Removalists Brisbane operates with a business permit under Queensland Law and employs drivers holding Medium Rigid licenses. We are fully insured and offer 100% No Fracture Guarantee Removal Services.

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Pro Removalists Brisbane provides a broad scope of services, including:

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Pro Removalists Brisbane moves you intestate devoid of stress. You can count on our extensive truck and train services strewn across Queensland and areas yonder. Our company provides intestate moves for your residence, business or industrial paraphernalia such as furniture and infrastructure from any place to Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Cairns.

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Pro Removalists Brisbane offers classic office relocations and removals in Queensland. We are a vanguard in this niche and the only fully committed office Relocation Company. We move business belongings such as fragile items safely and quickly.

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Pro Removalists Brisbane moves a small store, office complex contents, and large industrial business efficiently and safely. Our services include moving industrial and factory heavy equipment, backloads, heavy-lift, road transport moves, jacking/skating and forklifts. Industrial and factory moving exposes inexperienced workers to injuries, you can minimize this by hiring us.

  • Heavy Furniture 

Pro Removalists Brisbane moves you along with humongous furniture using heavy-duty lifting and loading equipment. We can move heavy furniture stationed in offices, industrial premises and homes. No matter the size and weight of furniture, we can handle all removals and storage with dexterity.

  • Storage Services

Are you looking for a customized storage solution which is safe and secure? Pro Removalists Brisbane features a large storage facility in Brisbane and accessible moving modules in your locality. Our storage services cover personal and business needs, we warehouse automotives, caravan, campervan, furniture and personal belongings to make moving easier.

  • Packing Boxes 

Pro Removalists Brisbane offers diversified service. Our packing services include supply of diverse packing boxes like bubble wrap, tape, shipping cartons, packaging advice, mark pens or labels, and much more. You can buy online and use our space estimator software.

  • Pet Transport and Boarding

Pro Removalists Brisbane offers intestate pet transport with purpose-inspired vans. We arrange for pre-boarding care like vaccination and keep you prepared at every leg of your moving journey. Our staff ensures your pet is transported with upscale comfort.


Our services cover the metropolitan and peripheral areas in Brisbane, like Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane West, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.

Why Us?

Pro Removalists Brisbane is ideally established to move you as you can tap into our supplementary services such storage, pet boarding and transport, and packaging services. This means you can hire us to do the whole job and offset additional charges stemming from storage or pre-boarding care for pets.

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